Compass Accountability Coaching is a one-on-one, goal-specific coaching method. The client and coach have established the client’s goals and are meeting each week to track progress and to discuss existing and potential obstacles. This coaching method is directive and the coach assumes a “task-master” approach with the client. The framework for this coaching method relies on a number of client completed frameworks that will guide the sessions. This is an on-going coaching engagement, meeting weekly or bi-weekly, for 30 minute sessions. 

Objective: Set and achieve your goals. 

MX3 Performance Coaching is a one-on-one coaching method that relies on both a directive and discovery process. The client and coach meet weekly for 50 minutes to work through the MX3 cucrriculum together. The curriculum is one focused on rooting out and rebuilding inherited mindsets. This coaching method requires the coach to assume a “dot-connector” approach wherein they help the client recognize the cause and effect of their lives. MX3 coaching relies on the Mindset Method Matrix for session structure. The curriculum is structured to last 12 weeks but coaches and clients may agree to extend as necessary – making this method short-term with the potential for a period of ongoing sessions. 

Objective: Freedom from the mindsets holding you back so you are free to create the life you want. 

Leadership Coaching is a one-on-one, discovery-based coaching curriculum. The client and coach meet weekly or bi-weekly for 1 hour sessions. The method assumes a “here & now” orientation and relies heavily on the BCVE framework. This method is strictly disovery and requires the coach to assume an approach as a “creative director.” This method requires a short engagement of sessions for curriculum orientation and workshoping, with additional ongoing sessions as necessary. Leadership Coaching is also available as a one-year group cohort called the Leadership Development Program.

Objective: Create a life of impact and influence.

MTA Transformational Coaching is a disovery-based coaching method with a specifc outcome. Sessions are one-on-one and last up to 2 hours, meeting bi-weekly or monthly. The approach is rooted in “here and now” and may incorporate frameworks from the other coaching methods as applicable. The coach assumes the approach of the “compassionate strategist” for this method. This is the most fluid and customized method offered by the Institute. The engagement is short-term with the option for additional ongoing sessions as necessary. 

Objective: See yourself anew.


At the heart of our work is the idea that freedom from that which holds us back – gives us the freedom to create the life we want. The purpose of the Institute is to design and offer opportunities that allow people to realize what exists in the potential of that freedom.