Being a coach is an extraordinarily rewarding experience. Our role in the lives of our clients is to help them awaken their curiosity about who they really are and what’s possible for them. We give them the space, tools, and experiences that allow them to realize their potential so that they can: 

  • Live fully
  • Love deeply
  • Hold onto themselves in the presence of others
  • Find meaning in their life
  • Live well
  • Live with consequence


This page has been created to give you an overview and answer some of the questions you may have. 

Our program is by invitation only. If you would like to discuss how to receive an invitation, please attend an online intro session.


Unparalleled Curriculum

Research Based

You can feel confident will get your clients the breakthrough they are looking for to reach their next level.

Structured Session Guides

Each of your coaching sessions are structured around one of the Next Level Core Pillars. Client show up to your session having completed pre-work that will help you guide them toward their breakthroughs.

Being Coach

Learn the techniques to hold space as a coach in addition to techniques to read audio and oratory cues from your client.

Business of Coaching

Client Acquisition

During training you will learn our proprietary RAMP UP process for getting clients for your coaching.

Revenue Streams

Being a coach can be about more than the one-on-one sessions. We will introduce you to the many revenue stream opportunities available to coaches.

Marketing and Messaging

Your market positioning is critical to building your business. When you leave training you’ll have a clear picture of your ideal client and the messaging that will resonate with them.

Ongoing Support

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

You’ll be given access to our Advanced Coach Training. These sessions are monthly, online continuing education sessions.

Online Library

You’ll be granted access to our online library of resources for Certified Next Level Coaches. The library includes continuing education and marketing materials.

LIVE Events

As a Certified Next Level Coach, you’ll receive 10 tickets to Next Level Discovery. A live, personal and professional development event held each year for you and your clients.

Chad Peevy

Chad Peevy is the founder of the Institute for Progress and Human Development, author of the Next Level Coaching Curriculum and your trainer for Certification. 

Before training prospective coaches, Chad successfully built his own 7-figure coaching business – both one-on-one and group coaching. You can see his work at ChadPeevy.com. 

Chad earned his master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

9am – 5pm

Lunch and snacks provided

20 seat limit


Everyone has a Next Level waiting for them. We typically break through to that next level either when:

1) It hurts so much we have no choice, or
2) We get help, a new plan, some support, some coaching.

Our training is for anyone who wants to help other people reach their next level. For some, this may be an additional stream or revenue, or meant to enhance the existing stream of revenue. For others, you may be attracted to coaching because of the flexibility and freedom this career offers and you want coaching to be your primary source of revenue. 

This may include:

…anyone who wants to help other people become the best version of themselves.


9am – 5pm

Lunch and snacks provided

20 seat limit

Got Questions?

We keep our training sessions intentionally small – no more than 20 coaching candidates per training session. This gives you the opportunity to connect with other candidates and maximize your time in practicum training.

Certification training is LIVE in Austin, Texas. You will have continuing education and support that is delivered online.

Coaching is an unregulated industry. That means that there is no governing organization or entity that oversees the coaching industry. You can start calling yourself and start charging clients today as a life or business coach. 

Being certified through this program means that you have successfully completed 5 days of intensive training which includes lecture and practicum training and that you are authorized to use our curriculum for in your coaching practice. 

We do not participate in any way with the International Coach Federation. After extensive research, we have found no significant reason to join that organization or get our materials approved by them. We support the work that the ICF does, but it isn’t a fit for our mission and goals. 

We may, but you should be prepared to build your own coaching business without relying on us for clients. Client acquisition is part of certification training.

You have several options for coaching certification and who you choose for training is an important decision. We encourage you to research the options and make a decision based on several factors:

  • Does the curriculum match how you think about personal and professional development?
  • Will my certification training be taught by the author of the program?
  • What is the continuing support like?
  • Does the coaching model best support the outcomes that my clients will be looking for?
  • The cost of the training vs. the value delivered
  • The time required to complete training. 
  • Does the training include how you make money once training is over?

Our 5-day certification training, including your materials, and one year of ongoing support is included in your tuition payment of $5,000 (financing is available). 

If you come to the first day of training and you don’t love it. You may request a full refund at the end of the first day. 

Click the button below and fill out the form. Once your application form is submitted our team will review and reach out to you for a phone / Zoom interview. 


At the heart of our work is the idea that freedom from that which holds us back – gives us the freedom to create the life we want. The purpose of the Institute is to design and offer opportunities that allow people to realize what exists in the potential of that freedom.