Next Level Monthly

The recharge and realignment you need each month with a focus on the program of your choice; personal development or business strategy.


Be careful what you ask for.

To have a breakthrough, you have to literally “break” “through” something. There’s a reason that they call them growing ‘pains.’  By inviting growth and development into your personal and professional life, you are willing inviting those things into your life that scare you, that make you angry, that test you. You have to be confronted with those things so that you can literally break through them and discover your better self on the other side.

Joining a program like Next Level Monthly isn’t for the half-hearted. It’s not for the dabbler, or the person just thinking about maybe doing that next big thing. Next Level Monthly is for the person who is ready to face their fears, confront their anger, step up for themselves and create change in their life.

Just like anything worthwhile, your NEXT LEVEL is going to require you to focus and be consistent.

Are you sure you’re ready for that?

Wherever you might be in your life, I know you’re looking for the next level. Me too.

I’ve spent many years and experienced many upsets searching for what’s next. I’ve been looking for ways to live a better life, wondering how to create a better future. I didn’t have an upbringing that offered me a lot of insights into creating my own business. I’ve had to search for those answers on my own. I grew up in a small town in Arkansas. Growing a business as I have, that impacts so many people was a foreign idea to me. I didn’t know that the business I have now was even possible. Had I known, I certainly wouldn’t have known where to go for help.

This program is that help, for those of you like me. This program is what I wish someone had shown me and said…. “here…listen to this… participate in this… do this… read this…think about this….”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done ok. But I could have done it 10x faster. And I could have done it by passing up the School of Hard Knocks. I’m a graduate of that school and it’s a painful graduation experience. I want better for you.

That’s why I want you to join my Next Level Monthly Program.

To help me gain a better understanding of myself and how I can approach life I’ve created a model that helps me perceive the world and my place in it a little better. It helps me and my hope is that it will help you too. This is my model for coaching, as well as how I approach life.

There’s the left side – which represents our past, and the right side – which represents our future. The part in the middle, the big gap between where we are and where we’re going, that’s the part that interest me the most. I’ve spent my life thinking about that middle part. For many years, I was told that was anxiety. Anxiety defined as the gap between the way things are and the way you want them to be. What I’ve come to learn over the years is that there is a lot more to that gap than anxiety. That’s where meaning lies.

When we are experiencing the highest version of ourselves, that gap is our “zone.” Anxiety, fear, anger – those things exist when we either over or under perform.

Those virtues that calibrate our performance and push us to seek meaning in our lives require attention. They have to be nurtured and worked just like a muscle you might work at the gym. Just like our bodies need nutrients and conditioning, so does our mind. That gap – that’s the part of our shared experience that I want to explore with you.

Next Level Monthly is an opportunity for us to share this search for meaning together and exercise the part of our mind that seeks peak performance as our highest selves. Peak performance defined as exceeding beyond the norm, consistently over the long-term, while maintaining well-being and positive relationships.

I want you to do more than just survive, I want you to be better than just OK. I want you to be great. I want you to THRIVE.

This is your invitation to join my Next Level Monthly Program. You get LIVE training from me once per month. And your first month is just $1.

For $1, you’re going to get access to the last 3 calls so that you can start digging in right away.

If it’s not for you, ask for you $1 back.

If you don’t cancel, I’ll assume you’re loving the training, you’ll keep your access and continue to receive your invitation to the monthly calls and you will be automatically billed according to the plan you choose. There are 3 membership options…

  • Option 1: Next Level Monthly – for personal development
  • Option 2: Next Level Monthly – for business and strategy development
  • Option 3: Next Level Monthly – for both personal and business development (this is TWO calls per month)

Join Next Level Monthly for $1 now and you receive….

  • LIVE monthly broadcast with Chad!
  • Every month I’m teaching you something new. A new tactic, strategy, framework that is going to help you discover your next level.

You will love this program!

If you stay past the first month you’ll pay your full monthly dues. You can cancel anytime. All you have to do is reply to any email we send you to request your cancellation and it’s done!

If you’re ready to discover your NEXT LEVEL. I would be honored to be one of your mentors to help you get there.